Not by the masses. Not for the masses.

I’m not sure if it’s for you, but if you’re here I bet you’re a bit like me: you’re different and I mean, truly different, in your thinking, tastes and passions, then you know for sure how hard is to be an outsider in a society has been monochromatically standardised by the mainstream mass media. We all are supposed to be part of the masses, an amorphous group of people that reasons and acts almost identically. THEY, the ones who are broadcasting the slumber-inducing messages, want not individualisation. Just a bunch of normies that are letting themselves being shaped by "the mould" of the human condition.


I will be honest with you, I am not going to pretend writing this statement in behalf of a huge corporation by using the pronoun "we" as my voice because the truth is who is addressing to you right now is a person. Just like you. Of course, I am not alone, and I count on the help of other people in this project. But these are mainly my sincere words. I’m a humble "artist" trying to make my way in life with my independent project through which I intend to celebrate differentiation in people like you who don’t share the obedient-sheep-mindset that rules the world but at the same time, are obsessed with the things you love, and also want to connect with others alike.

My name is Seph Brand, I'm a 29 years old graphic designer, fiction writer, and author of Madness Serial born in Central America. This is the independent venture I've created on my own since April 2019 after quitting my office job because I felt genuinely exhausted of robotic tasks and the nonsense —bullsh*t— of the current system that rules society. These motivations led me to create something unique that mix the best of geek culture with arts and aesthetics with the aim to create something new that encourages people to watch, analyse, develop critical thinking, stay awake and act. I know you may think all this sounds great, but the truth is I will not be able to do it without your help.

You know? Some people say entertainment is mostly used as a mean for distracting us from reality and keep us busy watching and doing nothing. That's mostly true. But as a fiction writer, I know, and I must say this isn't always the case since you as a creator or artist can hide deep messages in your work. This is why I'm genuinely a lover of quality fiction books, independent and cult cinema as forms of art and also, some television series with disrupting ideas contained in them. We shouldn't lose sight that these are sorts of amusement which instead of causing us a trance that makes us simple spectators, should encourage us to develop critical thinking, but that obviously depends on how selective we are about the content we let in through our senses. Thinking different requires not following the meaningless and filled-by-emptiness content mainstream masses follow.

“They live. We sleep.” That quote is a clear example of what happens when a true art lover as American filmmaker John Carpenter disguises powerful ideas in the form of fiction for those who "had put the glasses on". Those who are able to see the world as this indeed is, and therefore have become a different kind of watchers. Conscious and awakened watchers who have gained the power to discern between hoax and truth.


Would you be open-minded about giving a chance to a new and underground media publishing whose mission is to empower people? SLUMBER is an anti-mass media platform wrapped in a subversive and satiric concept created for those who are not satisfied being just sleeping watchers or consumers but instead, are craving to becoming something else: Prosumers. People that not feel happy being only consumers but takes action and produces something on their own. The kind of people that don't follow the masses and has own opinions. Those who are not obedient sheep but Alphas.

SLUMBER is indeed a cult, whose members and ex-citizens of the controlled-by-reptilian-corporations global government have emancipated themselves from the yoke of the corrupted masses by spreading the subversive and ironic message that only awakened people can understand because SLUMBER is about to be awake.

For all the above reasons my approach is designed to be the more honest possible, and you will find messages like the one in the image above all along the blog. These messages designed as satirical brain-washing propaganda are not intended to program you but to remember you that my aim is not to sell you products but to provide you something valuable.


How would you feel if every opportunity to achieve your dreams was suddenly taken from you? Just imagine how I felt when my parents told me they couldn’t pay my college due to my family’s economic situation and I found myself unable to pursue my dreams unless I figured out a way to hack and overcome this nonsensical system in which all we live. This is what has motivated me to create MPOWERED or the Model for the Power of Educational Decentralisation. This is a giving-taking-giving model which I intend to implement in all my ventures in a medium term. This is going to consist on the sale of fair-trade products and the allocation of a percentage of the profits to provide access to information through physical and digital books, online courses, and other tools to people in need who believe in self-education as an alternative to conventional and business-monopolised education provided by governments and private institutions.


I intend to create fan-made products about the things I love so that make this platform sustainable in a short-term. Most of the eventual designs for merchandise that reference to geek culture elements won’t be licensed, but it is you who will legitimise them because this is not about the products but about you. You are the one who is original AF and decides what's original and what isn't. You are who is an absolutely limited-edition, and that's why all my items will be crafted with such love, passion and attention in every detail so that make YOU stand out from the masses and the mainstream.