Hal Hefner And The Illustrated CONSUME Satire


Inspired by John Carpenter's 1980's cult classic film, They Live, artist Hal Hefner provides insightful criticism to modern society through his ironic illustrations.

John Carpenter’s They Live (1988) is a film that through the years has gained the quality of being considered a “documentary” among movie enthusiasts and those who can see the clear message hidden in a science fiction/ horror film that seems to have nothing of true inside its insane plot. If you have watched this movie you may understand what I’m talking about, otherwise, I encourage you to go and watch it as soon as you end reading this article. I’m not going to throw out spoilers for I’m not covering this genius film on this occasion but the glorious and fascinating art that this has inspired.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Hal Hefner is most recognised by his pop art series, CONSUME, a collection of humorous illustrations which has been shown in galleries all over the world. In his own words CONSUME is a social commentary on greed, corruption, narcissism, materialism, consumerism, hatred & bigotry.” The artworks portrait, in a satiric fashion, public figures, pop-culture, products, and politics as the terrifying blue-skined aliens from They Live —I hope that wasn’t racist from my part. Sorry, SJW’s— and other times, he literally depicts them as “reptilians” and even pigs. Conspiracy theorist will say reptilians aren’t real and that Mark Zuckerberg hides a human beneath that lizardlike countenance, however, it’s fascinating how all these “powerful people” dehumanise us by seeing us as mere “objects of consumption” and how this satirical take on them reverses that. “I'm rubber, you're glue. Everything you say bounces off me, and sticks to you.”


Maybe it’s a bit extreme to say they’re literally aliens or monsters hidden in plain sight, but, in my opinion, it’s what they inwardly are. Humanity is a quality just doesn’t fit them. Maybe you disagree, but honestly, what do you call someone who doesn’t seem to have a scintilla of empathy towards humans and is completely alienated from the concept of compassion? What do you call someone who commits loathsome crimes against mankind in the name of greed? There’s no other way to call them but aliens and monsters.

I don’t have a Manichean way to see the world, nonetheless, if we worship that kind of “people” and things, are we different at all? There’s much to think about when appreciating Hal Hefner’s art and not just outwardly. We ought to analyse ourselves introspectively to know if we have in us any of those faults that alienate us from what being human really means. Maybe the dehumanisation we see in others is just a reflection of our darker desires and urges.

Without further ado, please enjoy this gallery with several of the CONSUME artworks from Hal Hefner.


I hope you enjoyed this gallery, but more important than that, I hope you could reflect on the sickness of modern society which blindly consume everything the “alien reptilians” throw at them. You can follow the work of Hal Hefner on his personal website and watch all the works that make up the CONSUME series on the official website. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter, I promise you to send you only awesome content like this directly to your Email. Until next time!

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