SJ Mainstream Media Can't Accept Ahsoka Tano Popularity Among Star Wars Fans

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Hi, I’m Seph and I’m trying to do something different here. Besides the long articles published in this blog I want to publish casual and more relaxed posts about themes of relative importance, something alike to what a personal blog used to be. I’m doing it because the idea of this blog is mainly to share the things that I love with people alike so that we can interact and have a good social experience.

Today I read something that caused me outrage for its implicit stupidity and hypocrisy and which I would like to discuss with you. Some crappy mainstream blog which I don’t even want to mention and which is recognised for publishing pro-social justice stories about the “almighty Rey”, or the “strong leader Holdo”, published an “article” with this title: Ahsoka Tano is Surprisingly One of the Most Popular Star Wars Collectibles. Yes, I don’t even have words to describe how ignorant this pseudo-piece of journalism is. I mean, why is this “surprising”? It is known that Ahsoka Tano is one of the favourite characters among the fans of the Star Wars Universe and this is nothing new. Possibly, this kind of clueless mainstream media are assuming the character’s popularity raised for her appearance on the Disney’s animated TV series Star Wars Rebels, but if you’re a true Star Wars fan, you might know she first appeared in Star Wars The Clone Wars. Of course, her popularity wasn’t something that happened from overnight, and contrary to what they posit, this is not related to the fact she is a female character. Yes. That’s what they’re assuming and what I can’t stand for. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against feminism as a tool for bringing equal rights to women, but social justice warriors drive me mad because they’re literally crazy about their “newspeak” bullsh!t.

Therefore, which actually surprises them is that a female character can be good and embraced by the fans without imposing her or being agenda-driven. What’s observable here is they boast of supporting the SJ agenda, but they don’t indeed have faith in it.

It’s pretty evident that the popularity of Ahsoka is not related to the fact she’s a female character, but to the great character’s arc and development she experienced throughout The Clone Wars which is precisely what flat characters like Rey lacks. You can relate to her even being a man for she has real, believable flaws. Thus, we don’t need female characters that are good or strong just because they say so. Do us a favour and spare us the propaganda saying Rey, Holdo, and Rose are good characters because they represent a specific genre or a racial stratum because that doesn’t make them likeable, much less good characters.

What are your thoughts? Please let me know by commenting below. I want to know your opinion on the subject.

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