Debug Links to Share Them on Social Networks


Drive more visitors to your website or blog by debugging your share links.

When you have a blog or website, you sometimes feel encouraged to share your publications on social media like Facebook or twitter. Well, a little problem comes when you paste the link, and this doesn’t fetch the preview of your publication well. Maybe this doesn’t show the right image, or the excerpt is not what you wanted.

The good news is there is a straightforward solution for this issue. I want to recommend you a handy online tool which will help you to depurate all that errors from your links. This free tool is provided by iFramely in which you should enter your URL and then this is going to display multiple fetching options either for Twitter Cards and Open Graph. Just visit and submit your URL to share.

Most of the platforms for website building or blogging add these micro-data properties automatically but if it’s not and your links still don’t appear well maybe you need to add Twitter or Open Graph tags directly in your website’s HTML code.