Image Compressor for Website Optimization


Looking for reducing the size of your website images? Then keep reading, this tool is perfect for you…

If you’re building your own website either for personal or commercial uses, it’s for sure that you are going to need to optimize the load time of this to improve your SEO and conversions. This implies reducing the size of the resources used in your website and among these are the images.

Images are a great tool to improve your site's engagement, but sometimes these are just too heavy to load which delays the loading time of the whole site. Fortunately, there’s a great tool we use to compress the size of every image we upload to our websites. I’m talking about This powerful online tool allows you to drastically reduce the size of both JPG and PNG images easily, free and fast!


Something I truly love about this tool is the fact that most of the time you won’t notice the visual difference between your original image and the compressed one, which is excellent since it means you are not going to lose quality or resolution in your pictures.