Program Your Mind While You Sleep


Program your success by programming your mind while sleeping.

Have you experienced that feeling of wanting very badly to be focused on some task or activity and then, you suddenly surprise yourself thinking in something else not related at all almost in an automatic way? Well, me too and pretty often.

Achieving a certain level of mindfulness is necessary to succeed in whatever labour you are doing since you need your brain 100% focused working on that for you.

How do our minds work?

As you may know, our minds are divided into two opposite sides: the conscious and the subconscious. Just imagine this scenario: your mind is some kind of vehicle, and there are two passengers inside it, the conscious and the subconscious one. When conscious is behind the wheel of the vehicle you stay focused and in absolute control of your thoughts since your subconscious is aboard but remains in the back passenger seat. But when conscious becomes distracted and starts overthinking, this lets go the wheel, and then the subconscious takes over turning immediately the driver of your brain, which is like you are going in some autopilot program mode that will take you whatever it wants to go.

As in the previous example, our subconscious doesn’t work in our favour most of the times since this side of our mind is designed to be continually working in the background without we even notice it, but that doesn’t mean we are not able to overcome this situation.

Falling in love is comparable to taking the Matrix’s red pill.

Dr Bruce Lipton explains it by making an allegory between falling in love and taking the red pill from the Matrix. He says when we fall in love we go from being subconscious 95% of the day to being conscious 90% of the day by putting our full attention, wishes and desires on that person. But we know this doesn’t last forever because when you least expect it you start overthinking again and then our subconscious mind is manifested when some behaviours that were running the entire time in the background show up, and since these are mostly negative this produces the honeymoon to end. But what if we could achieve that state of mind permanently and keep the “honeymoon” alive? Well according to Dr Lipton that’s absolutely possible by programming our minds while we sleep so that we can change our “program” to achieve success in what we want to.

But let's stop talking about it and see it for yourself in the video below.