Is Time An Illusion? Stop Worrying About Time


On a daily basis, we tend to overwhelm ourselves about the fast passing of time, but is time even real?

Time. Our lives seem ruled by this since we base all our actions on this. Every day, you wake up. You start to get ready for your job or school. Time is passing inevitably. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Can you feel that rush?

Time slips from your hands as water or sand. You can’t stop it, and you can’t reverse it. However, if YOU stop for a minute and close your eyes, is time really going that fast? No. Even a minute can feel like hours when you stay still and so many times, an hour could feel like a minute. So, it is just you and your rat race what you perceived going faster.

The time we experience is very relative. It feels like a film that you’re witnessing while it passes in front of your eyes but it’s more accurate to be something like a collage of millions of static photographies of the past, present and future existing simultaneously in which our complete timelines have already happened.

When you figure this out, you become conscious of the lie your brain in confabulation with your senses has been telling you all along your life. Time doesn’t even exist; it is just a measure that we use to experience change.

Sudharsanan Sampath through his YouTube channel, Northern Diaries, explains and discuss in his video “Is Time An Illusion? - The Story Of A Timeless Reality” the nature of time to the point of questioning its very existence and exploring the philosophical, spiritual and scientific implications of this.

His channel contains a lot of exciting videos that have made me learn too much about spiritualism and philosophy, so I highly recommend it to you and invite you to follow him to stay tuned to his mind-blowing reality-defying video essays. Remember, question everything!